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I cannot see how it's possible to simplify BIAB without losing functionality simply because music is such a complex thing.

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Noel, you always hit the nail on the head. There probably is no way to pare down BIAB without losing something. Later, Ray

I totally disagree. This thread, for example:


is full of great ideas about redesigning / simplifying the program's interface, which seems to be the main focus of criticism in this, and other reviews.

While most long time users in this forum seems to be happy with BIAB's interface, most of first time users (at least in my experience) find it a little bit daunting / confusing, and many potential users just refuse giving BIAB a try simply because they perceive it as a too much complex or outdated program, given it's interface.

In my opinion, the review does a great job identifying some of the reasons that helps understanding why many newcomers see BIAB this way, and giving some specific examples that needs urgent attention from PG Music.

Anyway, I suspect that Peter and his team are already working in a serious redesign for BIAB 2014. If I'm right, that would be (at least to me) the best new "feature" in the program's history since the introduction of Realdrums and Realtracks smile

BIAB 2024, latest build.