Without going into a whole litany of issues, simply making the colors and texture look modern would go a long way. I posted in that other thread some screen shots of other DAW programs and plugins. Just look at the cool "luxury car" black and silver colors, instrument textures like wood,chrome and brass on various instruments pictured in plugs, stuff like that. I'm no where close to being a programmer but I suspect that this sort of thing isn't possible with the current code.

PG has no problem bringing in world class musicians to do the RT's so bring in some world class graphics people for this project. Maybe bring in some young genius interns who worked on Avatar or something. Then give it to the beta testers and let the fun begin.

My big worry for the company's future is this forum. It's like an old folks home around here. Ok, I'll say mostly, I know there's a few regulars who are under 50 but not many. What must a 30 year old who happens to find this place who knows nothing about the program think when most of the threads are about 50 year old tunes and people talking about nursing home gigs? I fear PG won't survive in the long run if they don't modernize for the younger crowd and it starts with the look.

I personally enjoy some of these threads because I'm one of the old farts here but speaking from a business perspective things need to change. Boomers are not the market movers we used to be.


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