I'm a newcomer to BAIB, and I guess a relative whippersnapper at the sprightly young age of 48. At the risk of repeating some of the things in my thread of last week, asking about good introductory tutorials...

-- I agree with the reviewer -- "love/hate" describes my relationship with BIAB so far. I can't bring myself to dismiss it because it can do some truly amazing things. But...

-- for me the main thing is the lack of accessible, consolidated and bang-up-to-date documentation.

My main impression of it so far is just long, long, eye-glazing lists of features using specialised in-house jargon, without much in the way of a guided tours which quickly show you the cool things you can do with them. In my brief time here I've read several comments from long-time users who say that they still only know about / how to use only a small fraction of available features. My guess is that this is so because the program is so opaque. If the vets/ aficionados are in the dark, how many newcomers can be expected?

Yes, the interface is not attractive; it is also somewhat labyrinthine, but that partially reflects the many features of the program. But I could deal with these issues if proper documentation were in place. It is do-able. I think PG's own people are just too close to the software to be able to look at it through a newbie's eyes. First-rate outsiders should be brought in for this.

-- I very much disagree that this forum is a liability. Without you guys I'd be lost and probably would not even bother. Don't go anywhere!

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