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The most telling thing the reviewer said was

"if the BiaB developers tried to modernize anything, the old user base would howl in protest."

I am part of the "old user base" having used the program for over 15 years and I am also 70 years old. I have long thought that this forum, helpful though it has been, is PG's worst enemy. I sincerely hope that PG are not listening only to this forum when deciding how to bring BIAB into the 21st century. Ironically, many long time forum members are the least qualified to advise PG.


I definitely see your point Tony, though I would say this forum is great in many ways too. It studiously helps you wqith any technical issue, but there is a lobby of hard core users that don't like radical suggestions. I stopped posting ideas because of this.

I find its a wonderful incredibly buggy and antiquated application. I use it in a very limited way simply because I got fed up with the crashing. I open the program, pick my song, but use my piano outside of the application. I never record anything with BIAB. I find favorites hard to use and I agree with the comment that user songs should be in my documents (by default) rather than in the application folder. I never got realband to work at all and I cannot see why we have two apps instead of one integrated one (I got flamed for saying this). Being a Cubase user, I don't really have a need for RB but I would like many of its features in BIAB.

However, I do think (guess) that PG are working on a new, perhaps radically redesigned BIAB for the modern 64 bit world (all my VSTs are 64 bit). I guess that's why things are so quiet on the update front - nothing for months now.

BIAB is a MIDI application with a loop based (Real tracks) interface grafted onto it. IMO the Real tracks feature is such a hit that its even more important than the original MIDI application (perhaps with the exception of Super Tracks).

I could not manage without it but really would like a proper full rethink of the application. I think its on its way...

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