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C'mon Joden and Ray, you're kidding right? Looks don't matter, just functionality?? Really?

How about this then. Lexus could easily put all their high tech goodies into a car that looks like a 1962 Russian Volga. Remember Men In Black? Agent K picks up Will Smith in what looks like a 1985 Ford Crown Vic. What does Will say? "All the technology in the universe and you drive around in this Ford pos."

Looks matter. A lot. You have to grab their attention first before you can start to sell them on the product. I seem to remember in the long ago distant past that that applies to chasing chicks too.<grin>

RHarv, my only point is 50 is old to a 28 year old and that's who PG needs to start marketing to.


Yep REALLY!!! smile

Should see the old van I drive around in. I don't care how it looks just how it works. Gets me from A to B and in the manner it needs to.

This seemingly modern obsession with looks even spills over into how successful a muso can be these days - if one does not have great looks, then forget about getting contracts, recognition, any sort of recording deals or concerts, no matter how good or talented a person is.

Nope, not for me smile for me it is function over form any day!