Welcome to BIAB and the forums. Like I said before, no one is looking at my GUI. What really matters is what's coming out of the PA. Once you've become more familiar with BIAB, you'll see how easy it is to do most things. There's plenty of help here in the forums. Out of all those dozens of icons, you can just choose which ones you want showing and hide all the rest. By the way, I've been using BIAB for live gigs for many years and love the program. There's no other program that does what BIAB does. If there were another program that does what BIAB does and looks better, then you could say "why not do it like ???? program?". Later, Ray

Asus Q500A i7 Win 10 64 bit 8GB ram 750 HD 15.5" touch screen, BIAB 2017, Casio PX 5s, Xw P1, Center Point Stereo SS V3 and EWI 4000s.