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Guys, I actually agree with you for my purposes. What I'm talking about here is pure business. Looks sells, end of story. Do you want 2015 or whenever it is to be the last version of Biab? No? Then PG needs to start getting with iPad style and graphics otherwise when us old timers finally stop buying the upgrades, it's all over.

Somebody in the past suggested there should be two versions of Biab and I think I agree with that. There's could be a Biab Classic for us and a brand new Biab Awesome for the younger crowd. Probably dump all the educational stuff because so many young so called "musicians" could care less about that, make no mention at all about classic jazz, old rock and roll, old country, old latin, well you get it. Anything old. All the styles and RT's with the cute references to real artists only reference people who made it big in the last oh 10-15 years at the most. Ok, go back 20 years since Public Enemy made it into the HOF last year. Pop quiz, anybody reading this who've listened to PE raise their hands. Hall of Fame folks and most here have no clue. Do I like PE? Heck no but it's not about me or anybody else over 45 or so. I'm just talking about reality. Time marches on, music marches on with or without us.

Start with a clean slate, 64 bit, looking like a cross between Studio One and the new Starship Enterprise. If all the old timers go "what the hell is this?" that means they got it right.


Bob, you are dead on! PG should hire you as a marketing/Product Development consultant! Most companies are busy working on porting their sophisticated 2013 Win/Mac GUIs to mobile while BIAB is still sporting its 1992 era Windows 3.1 interface! And you are right about the approach...putting lipstick on this, er, GUI just won't cut it!

With the technology PG has under the hood, which is nothing short of AMAZING, can you imagine how a new sleek 64-bit version with an improved modern GUI would be received by the industry? It would blow everything else away and assure PG of being the leader in this arena indefinitely!