Great Mike but one question. How do you sell it to a 28 year old who lives with his $600 smartphone and $600 iPad and that graphics style is all he knows? And that's all his friends know. And he thinks you and me are dinosaurs who are brain dead when it comes to high tech.

They're good kids, don't get me wrong, they're respectful and all but when it comes to this stuff they treat you and me like old Aunt Hattie who barely knows how to dial a rotary phone and who never did figure out how to program her VCR which she still uses if the mechanism hasn't died.

Are you active on Facebook?

Are you active on Twitter?

Do you do several hundred texts a day?

Are you constantly video'ing virtually your entire life from your phone in 15 minute chunks and emailing the vids to all your friends like 10 times a day?

Do you know all about Kickstarter, Dropbox, cloud storage?

How about spoofing phone numbers just for laughs?

Do you know about the 2013 Looper awards? Do you know what Looping is and how big it is?

Can you name the national winner of the 2013 Beatboxing contest? Do you know what Beatboxing is?

How about specifically buying your iPad so you can stream live TV from your house to it from anywhere because it's so important to you you and all your friends you just can't live without it?

It doesn't matter if you and I think what the hell use is all of that? This is how the kids are living their lives and any company hoping to sell to them has to understand that.

Unless you know about these things to the point you can talk about them with a 19 year old and not get laughed out of the room as "stupid grandpa" I'll respectfully say you're not really the best one to advise PG. That's why I suggested earlier PG could easily keep a Biab Classic version for all of us who wouldn't want the new "Awesome Cool Dude" Hip Hop, Miley Cyrus, Electronic Dance, Beatboxing 2013 Billboard Awards version that is capable of ReWiring to Abelton Live and any other DAW.

Oh yeah, do you know what Rewire is? Do you know about Ableton Live and why it's an important piece of software to a 25 year old wannabe music producer?

Again, I'm not talking about all these things because I would use them. I'm an old fart too and I may or may not like or use a new version of Biab like I've been talking about. This is simply me coughing up some marketing ideas to bring PG into the future which (shhh, don't look now) is already here.


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