Hey Larry, since I have the insurance of having all the BIAB files on the supplied external drive, I frequently experiment. I have deleted many RealTracks from my internal hard drive to save space. The RealTracks are so much larger that you can realize meaningful savings [keep in mind, I'm using the larger (by a factor of ten) audiophile version]. The RealDrums come with a few I don't use, also. After that, though, it hardly seems worth the effort to try to streamline further. Style files (and song files) are so much smaller by comparison. Together, all of them are probably smaller than a few RealTracks.

BIAB 2024 Win Audiophile. Software: Studio One 6.5 Pro, Swam horns, Acoustica-7, Notion 6; Win 11 Home. Hardware: Intel i9, 32 Gb; Roland Integra-7, Presonus Studio 192, Presonus Faderport 8, Royer 121, Adam Sub8 & Neumann 120 monitors