When Frankp posted his fabulous take on Latin Jazz it reminded me of the scandal that occurred a few years ago when the Grammy people removed Latin Jazz as an award category.

Read all about it: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_bl...hers-added.html

My reaction was the same as, say, Carlos Santana's (see article, above) as well as this:

Style: LJAZCHA-Jazz-cha-cha (Salsa)
RealBass 921
RT473 bass solo
RT1220 vibes
RT1661 rhythm piano
RT1245 solo piano
RD Salsa-Merangue
RD MamboPerc^

Crummy voice: Aleck Rand
Guitar solo:........."......"
The composer, Zeus: aka Duke Ellington

DO NOTHIN' 'TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME https://soundcloud.com/aleckrand/do-nothin-till-you-hear-from

Here's a little quiz action: The song ends with a direct quote another classic by the Duke. Who can identify that song?

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