This song was created on a different music program several years ago. On the chorus I added BIAB strings on the Choruses so I could post it here in good conscience!)

The lyric is total nonsense but so danged much fun! Di wrote the lyric to this one and I wrote the music. One more note - the very short acoustic lead guitar riff really sucks! There's a long story about why it came out like it did but I won't bore you with it. I've been too lazy, and lately too busy, to go back and redo it. But, I will in time. And if I can find a similar BIAB style, we'll redo the whole song. So far, I've not found a similar Reggae beat/style in BIAB.

Di literally wrote the lyric for this in less than 30 minutes. I was messing around with the music on my guitar and she said, "I like that. I have an idea for a lyric." And she did - in less than 30 minutes! And amazingly, the lyric is her first draft, not a single word changed! I'm impressed. So, here you go with a total nonsensical song that we feel is a lot of fun.

Perhaps we should send this to the folks who make Jello brand gelatin?

BIAB Midi Track Instrument 50: Slow Strings. Everything else from a different program.

Strawberry Jello

My Baby knows what to do
When I’m sad and blue
He don’t bring me candy or flowers
He brings me colors from a rainbow
He knows how to make me smile
He knows just what I like

My baby brings me Jello, Strawberry
Not cherry, not grape, not banana
He knows I love Strawberry
Strawberry Jello, Strawberry Jello

When I can’t find a song
When my heart can’t sing along
When me feet refuse to do dance
There’s only one thing to do
My Baby knows what it takes
To make me want to sing again




© 2011 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI

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