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Always eager to hear your latest post. Top notch production and performance and Floyd's lead came in with just the right flavor for the mix. Janice really has the vocals for this type of song. That leaves Bud to do all the rest I guess. Terrific job by every one of you. Enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed.


We appreciate that Charlie. Janice's metamorphosis from bluegrass to blues has been really interesting and fun.


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Janice and Bud,

Ah sexy little blues number - I wasn't sure what to expect from the title. Nice vocal as always and I especially like the sound of that piano sprinkled in and FJ's guitar. Interesting ending.

Enjoyed it.


Thank you Josie. We knocked around several names for the tune and that one seemed to stick...as odd as it might seem :-) The ending? Well, Janice asked me my opinion on it for the second and final take....and I just said "go big." She knows I love those country bent note singers so..........