wENT AND LISTENED ON THE ALTERNATE LINK. Wow, that's some sweet blues! Great song and performance by all concerned.

As I was listening to this, (Di's already asleep), I heard a little bit of Susan Tedeshi and, to a lesser degree, Bonnie Rait, in Janice's vocal. That's pretty good company in my book.

Janice doesn;t have the grit in her voice that Bonnie Rait does, but a lot of her intonations are similar. And she has that same subtle hint of swing in her Blues that Susan Tedeshi often does.

And old Floyd is ripping some pretty nice notes on that axe! Not bad for a country boy!!!

That was one sweet listen! Also love how you left the ending unresolved in the five chord. I love it! I sometimes leave my endings in the four chord. But this worked out great with the five! Glad I finally got to listen. Totally loved it! Best to all of you ...

Alan & Di

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