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Janice, Bud and floyd

Beautiful vocals as always.
Janice's voice almost has an hypnotic quality,
there's a lovely little riff from the guitar 1.53 which caught my ear.

and "Blues boy" floyd hit the spots.


Thanks Alyn. Janice smiled when she read it. Yes, that guitar riff stood out and when I had to regen the track I saved it and pasted it in the new one.

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I listened to the song. Interesting song.

Sounds good.... you have the blues style singing pretty much under control.

Thanks Herb. Yep, I do think she has it under control. "Little Ole Thing Called Love" was number one on SoundClick's Jazz Vocal chart for nearly three weeks and that, plus support of forum folks, helped convince her she was making the move from bluegrass to blues work.