The Gates of Babylon
You sit alone at the table
While I take my coffee in bed
Our happy home's just a no-man's land
Where even angels refuse to tread

Angry words fall silent
Now that we've said much too much
I hold back my hurt inside
You hold back your touch

I could scale the Zagros mountains
Or be covered by salty sea
But I can't bridge this emptiness
Dividing you from me

Close your eyes and pray for sleep
But prayers fall on deaf ears
We hold our breath and count the hours
Until the morning sun reappears

Lost without direction
Unwilling to turn around
Falling apart together
Divided by common ground

So many bridges burned
Too many chances gone
Now that we've been turned away
At the gates of Babylon

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Vocaloids: Avanna and YOHIOloid

Yes, it's another Vocaloid performance. The original POV was a male singer, but I liked the "Avanna" Vocaloid when I tracked it, so I went ahead and altered the lyrics to fit a bit better.

This is a slightly different take on The Water Is Wide. More of "No, I'm not kidding - I really can't cross over."

Floyd Jane will (rightly) point out that the language is a bit too pretentious in places, and undercuts the lyrics. In my defense, I was trying to channel Al Stewart when I penned the lyrics, so the obscure references stayed in. The original version of the second verse used "maelstrom" in it, so the grandiloquent-o-meter rating was scaled back a tad during the rewrite.

At the last minute I noticed sloppy lyric writing:

Angry words fall silent
Now that we've said much too much
You hold back your anger
I hold back my touch

I was almost too lazy to change it, but a visit with Mr. Thesaurus cleared that up, and I got some alliteration to boot. (But does it count for silent letters?)

As usual, comments of all sorts are welcome.

-- David Cuny
My virtual singer development blog

Vocal control, you say. Never heard of it. Is that some kind of ProTools thing?