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Have you considered Vocalwriter as an alternative? I don't know what it's like on Pc's, but it's quite decent on Mac.

There's no PC version, and I doubt there ever will be. The application only runs on the older Mac architecture. When I contacted the company in January, I got a reply from the widow of the developer, who let me know he had died in 2009 and she was trying to find someone to sell the company to. Currently, their website seems to have gone missing.

The only other program that I've seen that uses that sort of technology is Gnuspeech, which seems to be a dead project.

I've been in contact with SoftVoice, who have a program that uses formant-synthesis (along the lines of what I've been exploring). Unfortunately, recent changes broke the singing feature. The developer has been working on other things, so he hasn't been able fix it yet. When he does, he'll let me know - I believe that might be a nice fit for BiaB.

There's a program called Virtual Singer, but it's not very intelligible.

BiaB works with Sinsy, but it generates very small rests between all syllables, so Sinsy doesn't handle words properly. Plus, Sinsy currently has a strong accent.

There is a free Vocaloid program called UTAU, but it's Japanese, and you can judge how well it sings English at this point yourself: Let It Go.

Really, having more friends who are singers is a better approach. laugh

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Vocal control, you say. Never heard of it. Is that some kind of ProTools thing?