Technically yes, you can record straight in and get a clean sounds and then use an amp sim to effect the guitar..... however, I personally, hate that method.

I use the POD2 as you saw or a mic on my boogie amp. The POD2 is used on about 80% of my guitar parts. It's only recently that I've started to use the boogie mic'd for tone....and I think it's actually a cleaner sound.... even with distortion cranked. It's certainly more "real" sounding than the POD.... not that I have any issues with the POD...

The POD2 outputs run direct to the Saffire Interface audio inputs and that is straight into the software.... or a mic into the Saffire Audio input.... the mic is a condenser mic.

I prefer to get the sound I want up front... including reverb. Then I rarely have to do more than a very slight reverb and or some eq to make the guitar fit the mix better.

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