Chord Picker beta 2.0b
Fixed order Harmonic Major/Minor chords
Added Set existing Chord to Rest, Shot or Hold
Added Custom Actions Tool Tab
To create your own Actions for the buttons rename "Action name"

Gui, Add, Button, x22 y100 w90 h20 gButtonCA1-1, Action Name

then go down the text or search for "ButtonCA1-1:"

winactivate,ahk_class TBandWindow
Send C

it is sending c as default, change the keysend to what you like, save and run.

For example, if we want to make Custom Actions 1 Button 1 Unfold:

Gui, Add, Button, x22 y100 w90 h20 gButtonCA1-1, Unfold

winactivate,ahk_class TBandWindow
Send !e
Send {Down 10}
Send {Right 1}
Send {Down 5}
Send {Enter}

Send !e = Alt+E to open the edit menu.
More info
Using Combination Keys:

Exe and script

Script only

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