Sent To: Bandlab Support

"give all keystrokes to plug-in" is not working correctly.
If the window is active by clicking on the top of the vst window where the title is this makes the window Active and all keystrokes need to be sent to the vst.
At the moment you need to click on something inside the window for it to send this is not correct, in other DAW you only need to make the window Active without clicking on something inside the window.
In the attached gif when I activate the vst window on the left in Reaper it sends the keystrokes
when I activate the window on the right in BandLab AND set it to receive keystrokes it don't.
See I type the chord in on the left and it works but I type on the right and it don't.

Anyone else can send them one also if they like, just click Support in the Help Menu.