Hi Pipeline,

Edit: Ignore below, I managed to get it to work, but now I have a different problem, every time I enter a chord, the chord-picker minimizes to the tray. I can somewhat get it to work when I set BiaB and Chord picker to occupy the left and right sides of the screen, but then most of the options to the left of CP (such as the pushes and shots) are inaccessible. I realize this may be because I am on a laptop, and there is minimal "moniter real estate" but is there some way to get this working on a laptop nonetheless?

So much as I am ashamed to admit this, I've held off on installing this to date because I found all the lines of computer code a little bit intimidating, and told myself that I could get by with BiaB's built in "chord theory" function...which was one of my favorite upgrades of 2018 (or was it 2017?)

In any event, I just ran the installer (not the VST version) and the program launched in standalone, and I can't figure out how to get it to communicate with BiaB. Other than seeing the BiaB screen "blink" (disappear and reappear for a second) every time I try to enter a command, nothing else happens in the chordsheet regardless of what I do.

Please help!

Thanks in advance :-)


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