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If you can up the resolution to 1600x900 instead of 1280x768 on your Ideapad ?

I'm afraid not :-( Maybe a lower resolution but one of the aspect ratios listed below would work?

Also, while you're here, (and I suspect this may be related) I recently connected an additional monitor to my laptop using an HDMI cable so I could have a dual monitor display, and set the external monitor as my primary in Windows' settings and have been having a plethora of issues with resizing/minimizing/always on top windows, not just for BiaB/RB but in Reaper as well. Is there any way I can make my laptop "forget" about the second display or whatever so that it behaves like it did before I ever connected it?

Finally, with respect to ADSR Sample Manager: I installed the program on my C hardrive, but placed the majority of my loops on the external drive (F) because I have more space there. I don't want ASDR to crash if I boot it up when my F drive is not connected if, say, I want to use it in Reaper. Is this something I need to be concerned about? Can I simply run it from C and add a library from F such that it operates as paths do for plugins like in Reaper or Minihost?

Btw, sorry for bombarding you with all these questions. I would generally simply experiment, but I've had issues in the past where if you set a path, and it's no longer there on next bootup, you can have ugly crashes or inconsistencies that can persist till kingdom come :-(

Thanks again!

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