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Awesome! Started listening to it while working, ended up listening to about half a dozen of tunes on your playlist smile

When you have it, you have it! From the vocals, guitars, arrangement and mix is A+. You and Christiane have very special musical chemistry. There are no mediocre songs.

P.S. I was thinking about what you said earlier about not missing bar gigging... You are so right!

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks, Misha! The important thing for me at this stage of the game is the fun aspect, no expectations other than that.

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The bass playing start really grabs attention. Good selection of blues instruments, I like especially the piano. Fantastic guitar playing with beautiful melancholy melody and good effects. Enjoyable vocals once again. Nice surprising major chords couple of times.


Yes, that piano is a nice one, I'll probably use it again at some point. Thanks, Janne!

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Ditto what the others said about the intro. This song definitely has that wee hours of the night feel. The guitar is talking to me!

Thanks for the listen and comments!