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© 2019 Kenny Leverett

Night sky clouds are movin’
And it sure feels like rain
You lie so close that I can hear your heartbeat
And I wanna remain
Forever by your side forever

Angels looked down on me
And smiled
You found me
And opened my heart wide

Morning slips thru the curtains
And the sun shines again
Maybe the world can go on without us
Every now and then
Or in my dreams forever
I’m in your arms forever

Evening sun is sinking
Now there’s no sign of rain
You’ve made a home my heart can handle
And I want to remain

Drums: Americana Roots 16ths
Bass: 2877 Acoustic Americana
Guitar: 1540 Soloist Pop Believe
Guitar: 3160 Baritone Americana
Guitar: 841 Rhythm Pop Ballad Gritty

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