You got me confused.

"the first 50 tracks were visible in the Tracks window as the arrangement was being generated. "
then ..
"the Tracks window shifted to show a later set of 50 tracks that has track 240 at the midpoint of the window."
Your Tracks window shows 50 tracks? RB only has 48.

What was the source file? Did you open a BiaB file?
Wondering if the 255 bar issue somehow is carrying over inside the file format of a BiaB file and causing these issues.
Maybe try making all BB tracks Regular tracks (as mentioned in the other thread) so RB stops trying to behave like BiaB.
Then Save As a SEQ file.
This may make the song start honoring the RB standards (instead of RB trying to honor the BiaB format)
Once saved as SEQ file;
Then highlight the desired tracks from measure 241 forward and regenerate those .. or maybe highlight the desired tracks and regenerate the whole song.

If you opened a BiaB file and never saved it to SEQ format, maybe RB is still dealing with the 255 limit while trying to work with a file in the BiaB format.
Just a thought

If I open a BiaB file in RB I always immediately 'make all BB tracks regular tracks' and save as a SEQ file so RB behaves as expected .

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