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Thanks Charlie, I can't seem to replicate the issue either.
I haven't tinkered much with XML files though, so I don't know if that could be part of the issue.
I suppose if the XML file had some directive happening at measure 240 it could get inherited/interpreted by RB as a stop point, causing the issue.

I looked closely at measure 240 in MuseScore but didn't see anything there that could be causing this to happen. I tried to attach a screen shot of this section in MuseScore but couldn't figure out how.

FWIW I don't see how an issue at measure 240/241 equates to the BiaB 255 measure limit.
Those numbers are quite different, and as shown in my previous image, generating 296 measures was successful here .. thus eliminating the 255 limit.
I suppose I could have done 800 measures, but thought 296 was enough for proof of concept.

I agree with you, but there does appear to be some correlation between the two even though 240 doesn't equal 255.

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