That's one way to look at it, Charlie, but I think there's more to it than that. On the one hand, RB doesn't even allow the BiaB engine to reach the 255 bar limit. This is why it only generates tracks up to 240 bars and then starts over with an additional 240 bars (or, in the case of my 320-bar song, an additional 80 bars). Although Jim Fogle's post on 6/8/19 above identified two gaps that occurred in his test song (one in all tracks at bar 240 and one in the base track at bar 272), my complaint isn't about the FIRST 240 bars. My complaint is about the SECOND 240 bars. More specifically, my complaint is about the BEGINNING of the second 240 bars, that is, the VERY FIRST bar if it doesn't have a chord assigned to it along with any subsequent bars that don't have a chord assigned to them as well.

In my test song and in a test song that Pipeline did (see his post on 6/9/19 in my BiaB forum topic "An idea to fix the dreaded '255 bar limit'"), RB inserted a C chord in the first unassigned bar, which from these two test cases appears to be a default operation within RB. Thus, on the other hand, RB's implementation of the BiaB engine for any unassigned bars in the BEGINNING of the second 240 bars is faulty because it doesn't account for the last assigned chord at the end of the first 240 bars. Or, as Pipeline put it in his post, "I would say that's a bug they need to look into as it's not stitching it correctly." This is why a glitch will sometimes occur at the 240/241 bar boundary as well as an erroneous chord change.

Regarding Jim Fogle's test, those gaps appeared only after he had changed all the rests, shots, holds in his song to whole chords. The gaps at bar 240 may have been due to a beat calculation error, which may correspond indirectly to the gap that appeared from bar 184 to bar 240 in one of my test songs with a 4/4 time signature when I used a 3/4 style. However, the gap in the base track at bar 272 could have been random and may have disappeared if he had regenerated that entire track or just a small section of that track surrounding bar 272. I say this because I had encountered a similar gap in BiaB on a finger picking acoustic guitar track in one of my songs that did not exceed or even come close to the 255 bar limit. When I regenerated the song, that gap went away.

CORRECTION: Jim Fogle's first gap appeared at bar 248, not bar 240. See my post below.

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