I support your objective and horse beating and squeaky wheels are normally how things eventually get fixed. So good luck. But playing devils advocate, "I have to tell you that the email I sent you was not about problems I was having with this limit in Band in a Box. Instead, my email was about the problems I was having in RealBand because of how it had implemented the Band in a Box algorithm/engine to generate BB tracks for several songs that contained more than 255 bars. This is why I was using RealBand in the first place---as a workaround to the 255 bar limit." and "But after Pipeline suggested in a reply to my discussion of this issue on the BIAB forum that I check out the VST plugin for using two instances of BIAB within Traction, I'm thinking of pursuing that option instead of RB when I have the time to set it up and try it out", I wonder what outcome you're expecting because the 255 bar limit emanates only and always from the BIAB algorithm regardless of the vehicle it's wrapped in. Be it RealBand, BIAB VST, Reaper, Traction or any other DAW.

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