To add to what I just said in my previous reply to your question, Charlie, it just occurred to me that RB should be able to use the information in a single XML file of a song with more than 255 bars to automatically do what I intend to try doing with Tracktion using two instances of BiaB's VST plugin and two partial XML files of the same song. In other words, RB should be able to identify the different elements in a song (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) from the XML file and intelligently split the song into two sections (or more if necessary) at a boundary between these elements so that it can then generate all the tracks for each section and then seamlessly stitch those sections together into one continuous arrangement without any glitches or erroneous chord changes. This is what I would like to see RB do as an effective and convenient workaround to the 255 bar limit in BiaB.

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