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One big difference between Band-in-a-Box and RealBand is how the two programs approach track generation.

I've become aware of most of the differences you described but not all of them, Jim, so I appreciate the additional information. And while my computer isn't super fast, I haven't noticed any problems with track generation in BiaB even though "Speed up generation of RealTracks (disable on slow machines)" is enabled. Also, when RB truncated my 9-minute, 327 bar ballad at bar 220 (before I removed the Interlude designator in MuseScore), I was able to copy and paste over 100 bars with their chords and five tracks of audio into a later section of the song to restore the missing bars without any issues. From what I remember, it took about 20 seconds to complete the operation. I've also used the "Freeze" function in BiaB numerous times--both on all tracks and on individual tracks.

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