<<< Instead of exporting multiple .WAV files from BIAB or RB and then stitching those separate files together into one full length song in a DAW, I've been exporting one .WAV file from BIAB that contains all the elements of my song after which I replicated that .WAV file two or more times in Traction and then stitched those separate .WAV files together (after cropping them properly) into one full length song that I could export as a single .WAV file. >>>

It's my suggestion you export multiple .WAV files from BIAB and stitch the audio files into your full length song in a DAW rather than attempting one .WAV file that contains all the elements of the song that you cut/paste/copy to increase the length of your song. Here's why. The elements of your song you are replicating are exact duplicates of the original audio you're replicating. What you are doing is looping the same audio. So if you copy a verse and paste that verse into another verse, it's the same audio. Whereas if you construct your song in BIAB with each verse having it's audio generated and rendered where each verse is constructed by its own .sgu file, no verses will be exactly alike. Your song will sound much better and also more human. The result will carry over into every section of your song, be it intro, chorus, verses, bridge and outro.

<<< My concern from the beginning of my use of BIAB was (and still is) that piecing together chunks of short BIAB generated song tracks into a single, long song arrangement would result in odd and/or glitchy audio seams occurring at the junctures of those chunks. >>>

This is one of the unique features of the intelligence of BIAB generated audio and should never be a problem or concern. Learning and applying proper multitrack recording techniques will virtually assure successful smooth transitions.

<<< No because a midi file wouldn't have all the chords.>>> BIAB automatically decodes and populates the Chord Chart. Since you've written the song, you will immediately detect any errors and can manually correct those you find.

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