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In these days if you don't submit a perfect demo to a producer he wont even listen. Even if the song than goes 180°. I also do some local producing. If the artist doesn't care about his demo why should I.

When I gave my first song to my producer for him to evaluate at the beginning of 2017, I sent it to him as a .PDF of my lead sheet with the lyrics, melody, and chords. I also gave him a link to a video of MuseScore playing the melody of my song as it scrolled through the lead sheet, which I had uploaded to my Youtube channel. At the time, I was only interested in him producing this one song for me and didn't have any plans for him to produce an entire album because I didn't have enough songs of the same genre written yet that he could produce as an album. (I only had three other songs in the works at the time.) But after he agreed to produce this one song for me, one thing led to another with the result that he's now working on my seventh song, and I have three to four more in the queue.

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