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Starting out with all regular tracks in RB and generating a track I noticed at the very top " generating 1/2. It generated up to bar 240 than 240 to the end. Small vertical bar at 240. Changed chord at bar 240 and it followed. It was seamless.I suspect the onger the song the more steps.

Silvertones, I'm curious about a couple of things regarding your track generation test:

1) Did you have a chord entered into bar 241 before you generated this track?

2) If so, did you listen to a small section of the track that includes a few bars immediately before and after the 240/241 bar boundary to determine if an audio glitch occurs on the 240/241 bar boundary as a result of RB's attempt to change to a different chord than the one you had entered into bar 241?

3) If you did not have a chord entered into bar 241 before you generated this track, did you listen to the same section to determine if RB erroneously inserted its own chord change into bar 241 and if you could tell if that chord was a C chord?

4) Are the "regular tracks" you started out with in RB the same as BiaB tracks (or "BB tracks," as RB refers to them)? My understanding is that "regular tracks" are different from "BB" tracks. If my understanding is correct, doesn't RB have to convert regular tracks to BB tracks before it can generate an arrangement for those tracks?

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