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No matter how much we may want BIAB to behave differently, it generally comes down to the fact that there is a workaround to get done what you need. It is just a shame sometimes that so much effort goes into learning this lesson for newbees. But as long as you are having fun... crazy

MusicStudent, you make made a very good point. Actually, you made two very good points. The first one is that there is a workaround to the "255 bar limit" in BiaB. In fact, there are numerous workarounds to this limit. Some of those workarounds can be implemented within BiaB itself while others involve the use of other programs like RB (as jazzmammal mentioned in response to my suggestion of an idea to fix this limit in the BiaB Windows product forum or like other DAWs (Tracktion, for example) using the BiaB VST plugin (as Pipeline mentioned in that same discussion).

The second "very good point" you made is that "it's a shame sometimes that so much effort goes into learning this lesson for newbies." Fortunately for me as a newbie, it didn't take me very long to figure out on my own a workaround to this limit that suited my needs. But other newbies may not be so fortunate. Therefore, because of the likelihood that PG Music will never fix or eliminate this limit in BiaB, I have a suggestion that would be of benefit not just to newbies who have difficulty figuring out their own workaround to this limit but also to experienced users like yourself who may get tired of seeing this "dead horse" being beaten to death over and over again in these forums. My suggestion is as follows:

Why doesn't someone (such as yourself or another experienced user like Charlie Fogle or jazzmammal) start a discussion in the BiaB forum with the topic heading of "Known workarounds to the 255 bar limit in BiaB" (or something similar) that would serve as a central repository of all these workarounds for newbies and experienced users alike to reference whenever the need arises? (To my knowledge, such a repository doesn't exist. If it does, then please point me to it.) For example, newbies who encounter this issue and inquire about a workaround could be referred to such a discussion instead of spending time rehashing the same stuff ("beating this dead horse") in a new discussion. Also, various workflow scenarios could also be discussed in connection with those workarounds with the goal of determining which workaround would be best suited for a particular workflow scenario. Because you seem to have become frustrated with this discussion and with the other discussion I started in the BiaB forum, why don't you take it upon yourself to implement my suggestion? I'll be glad to share the workaround I've been using for my particular workflow scenario (as I've already done in this forum) and contribute my thoughts on and experience with other workarounds that are mentioned.

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