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Did some testing:
1. The song you sent is only 173 bars long per the PDF
2. It put down all the chords and they all appear to be right. I'll let you do that leg work.
3. I got the piano part as well BUT it was like only 1/16 of measure 1
4. I generated 3 RTs in about 5 mins.

PM me an email address and I'll send you what I got.

1. Correct, I didn't send you a song that exceeds the 255 bar limit. I didn't know you wanted one of those because I thought that you just wanted to demonstrate the difference between your procedure of using RB and generating individual RealTracks vs. my procedure of using BiaB to generate all tracks with a particular Style.
2. I'm sure the chords are correct, but I'll check them anyway.
3. There is no separate piano part. The piano part is the entire melody. The first measure doesn't have anything in it. I included two blank measures at the beginning to correspond to the two lead in measures that BiaB creates (which can be turned off). I left those two measures in place so that the melody could be synced up with the chords. Normally, I export the .XML file without those two measures for importing into BiaB and then export a separate .WAV file with those two measures in place. If RB didn't create a separate midi track for the melody, then it doesn't have this available for reference when generating each track like BiaB did for me.
4. That sounds about right.

The limit for email is 10 MB. You'll have to export a .WAV and convert to .MP3 or export a .MP3 file that is less than 10 MB (for a song this long, it will be). I'll send you my email address in a PM, but you may want to take the info above into consideration before sending me what you have. Thanks!

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