Silvertones, you posted the following in response to my comment about the midi file not having the chords and then you made a subsequent post with your offer to create a demo for me done "your way" using RB (as described below) for me to compare to a demo done "my way" using BiaB:

Originally Posted By: silvertones
It will. It'll interpret the midi notes in the score.If you get weird chords they will be technically correct but may not be pleasing. Those you can change.
Btw also drop the use of biab. I did 10 years ago. Learn RB it does more than biab.The xml file should work the same.
Before you import turn all bb tracks in RB to regular tracks.This should give you the whole song in midi format.Right click on a track in RB and generate any Real track. Forget about styles for RT. Just add 1 track at a time with musicians you want not those dictated by the style.
Sidebar: I'm a pro player playing 4 days a week for 8 months. Then I go into new song mode. I have over300 songs done this way.

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