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The point I made was I don't use BIAI I exclusively use RB.

Silvertones, I can understand your frustration with this discussion and your unwillingness to continue to participate in it because this is an RB product forum, not a BiaB product forum. That's why I had suggested to MusicStudent that he or another experienced user start a discussion over in the BiaB forum to discuss all the workarounds to the 255 bar limit in BiaB. I don't feel it would be appropriate for me to start it because I'm not experienced enough with BiaB to keep that discussion going and to make sure that all the bases are covered with those workarounds (as in, the user's primary objective, workflow scenario, software skill level, and musical/songwriting expertise, etc.). That discussion would also be the proper place for Charlie to explain and discuss his workaround and workflow steps not just with me (as he as been doing here) but with others as well. Besides trying to understand all the things he's said so far, I would have to actually go through the steps he's outlined one at a time for me to be able to continue having an intelligent and informed discussion of his process. And while I'm willing to do that, I think it would be most beneficial for everyone if that discussion would be transferred to the BiaB forum after someone (Charlie perhaps) starts the topic. In addition, workarounds that involve the use of RB could also be discussed in that same BiaB forum thread because it's focus would be on the 255 bar limitation within BiaB itself and how RB can be used to get around this limitation.

That would allow this discussion to continue with, or rather, resume its focus on workarounds to the problems I've encountered at the 240/241 bar boundary during my use of RB as an alleged solution to the 255 bar limit, as jazzmammal has claimed. (Yes, I think it's obvious that we've gotten off track a bit from the original topic.) While such a discussion doesn't preclude the issue of the 255 bar limit, that limit is not its focus. In other words, that limit is a secondary issue. So, if you're willing to resume your participation in this discussion with this mutual understanding in mind going forward, Silvertones, please do so because I still haven't heard the arrangement that you created for the song I sent you using your RB workflow procedure so that I can compare it to the one I created using my BiaB workflow procedure.

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