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I'm out. Too much typing here for me to make sense.You go round and round.
Good luck

You should stay. What makes the conversation appear confusing is that your perspective is using BIAB as a performance tool, Muzikluver as a composing tool. This has been an outstanding conversation demonstrating the complexities and differences between the two dynamics. He's not rejecting your ideas but finding that although they may work, BIAB has elements that are more suited to composing than performing. Techniques that are easy, fast and reliable within one dynamic doesn't give the same results in the other. I'm getting a lot from what you've contributed to the conversation so far.

What you said above, Charlie, is true: "This has been an outstanding conversation demonstrating the complexities and differences between the two dynamics." However, it has also gotten to be somewhat confusing at times---for me, in particular, and perhaps for Silvertones as well---because of the need to change mental gears when the discussion switches from RB to BiaB and vice-versa due to all the info that is being presented in both segments of this discussion. But because I would like to learn more about your procedure by actually going through the steps you've outlined with one or more of my songs and by continuing to discuss it further in another thread in the BiaB product forum that is dedicated to your procedure as a workaround to the 255 bar limit in BiaB, would you mind starting such a discussion with your procedure as the first one to be discussed? You and I could even jump start it by transferring all or most of your posts about your procedure in this thread to that one in an easy to follow sequence. And if it makes sense, each of those posts in this thread could be edited down to a statement or two about the other thread and a statement that such posts were transferred to the other thread. This would remove most of the "off-topic" clutter that currently exists in this thread. We could also have a PM conversation in the background about which posts to transfer and in what sequence to make sure it's done properly. What do you think?

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