Muzikluver, for clear, concise, detailed and expert instructions to learn a sure fire method to quickly, efficiently and dramatically improve your demos and the work flow you utilize,

Get a copy of the book "Fett's Mixing Roadmap"

The book expertly details how to begin "Thinking in terms of parts and arrangements". "How to organize your Hard Drive and Folders..." and about "Comping Tracks". And pretty much everything else from A-Z regarding mixing.

The 255 bar limit is only an issue if you render arrangements using BIAB, RB or the BIAB VST and then only if you attempt to render a complete file exceeding that limitation. As noted, the work around the limit is simple and easy to implement. All the various methods and techniques Rharv, Silvertones and Jazzmmamal discussed in this thread, including the technique suggested by Joe with PGMusic as well as me, will accomplish the task in any of those three programs. The sound source of your project is irrelevant. It could be BIAB, RB, BIAB VST, a live instrument like a piano, guitar or keyboard, an XML file, MP3 or sheet music. How BIAB or RB generates and regenerates is irrelevant. It doesn't matter. The demo that goes to the producer is the vital element along with Muzikluver's ability to quickly and efficiently edit changes requested by the producer. The demo is your project mix, not your audio or the composition. Becoming proficient with Parts and Arrangements and Hard Drive and Folder organization along with knowing how to comp tracks will solve all the issues I'm aware he's having.

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