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Rharv, me and Jazzmamel told you how to do it.
I'm only interested in if RB can do what you sort of won't. It can. You insist on try to use the wrong tool. Have at it.
You didn't even send me the 337 measure file.

No, I'm not insisting on trying to use the wrong tool. I haven't been using BiaB with RB, and I haven't opened or imported any BiaB files into RB. I've always started with a .XML file that I opened in RB and proceeded from there. Others have mentioned using BiaB files with RB in their workflow (as rharv just did above), but that doesn't fit my current workflow.

I offered earlier to send you the 337 measure file, but you never responded until now. So, I've done that for you as well in a PM.

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