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The "work around" to avoid all this mess is clearly stated in this rather long thread. You simply cannot create your grand opus in BIAB, you need to compose and arrange in a different tool. If your final goal is to present your art as an audio file, you need a DAW. BIAB can provide exceptional accompaniment tracks. So get what you need from BIAB and take it to your DAW where the magic really happens.

I know that I can't create my grand opus in BiaB. That's what I've been trying to do with RB by opening an XML file as my first step. But then I ran into the erroneous chord change and glitch issue that prompted me to start this discussion. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bit off track at times (which is probably the main reason this thread has gotten to be so long) because of the different workflow scenarios that others are using---some of which start with BiaB. Silvertones is the exception because he stopped using BiaB 10 years ago.

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