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RB IS BIAB with 48 tracks. It'll do everything biab can do and more including your grand ops. Forget finding away around biab 255 measure limit. Learn and use the right tool.

I heard ya, Silvertones. But what about the "glitch and erroneous chord change occurring between bar 240 and bar 241"? What's your solution for that doing it "your way"? If I hadn't run into this bug in RB, I would have never started this thread. So, please stop bringing up BiaB because that's not our focus. I've already addressed the BiaB/RB mixture in this thread that was causing confusion to both you and me (and possibly others). So, now that we're back on track, let's keep the focus on RB, can we (you and I), please? If someone else wants to mention BiaB (which shouldn't be necessary anymore because enough has been said about the differences between BiaB and RB and some reasons for using BiaB instead of or even prior to RB), just ignore their post.

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