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Charlie, you may have forgotten to answer my question about RB, so I'll ask it again. Do you ever use RB and, if so, under what circumstances would you find it more beneficial to use RB instead of BiaB?

I did see that and overlooked replying. For most of the time I've been involved with using BIAB and RB, I used RB extensively on most projects. I use to publish a lot of my original songs in the User Showcase but my song production has slowed substantially. I also use to take old home recordings I made playing along with my late brother, and RB was invaluable in creating the tempo map to sync the audio with new BIAB RealTracks and midi instruments. I'd transform the old audio with just us two into a fully instrumented song. I used plug ins to gate noise, compressors and EQ and relied on RB for those tasks. RB has a more advanced tempo mapping program than BIAB plus being able to visually see the audio in the tracks is something I relied solely on RB to do. RB has two methods to manually tap tempo on imported audio tracks. I tend to also use RB to record my live audio for a recording if I'm recording 'in the box'. Most times I record live audio using a stand alone Tascam DP-24 and import the various tracks into A DAW for further processing. According to what the project's final destination is, I import to either RB or Studio One Professional. Usually into RB first to add RealTracks and Midi tracks. I used RB to construct completely unique lead solos, fills and riffs. One song I did, "Say I Do" has a guitar track with 126 punch ins. That can only be accomplished in two ways, record a live musician or use RB's multi riff function. Another thing the RB multi riff feature does that makes RB completely unique from any other DAW is it applies artificial intelligence algorithm to a multi riff overdub/punch in that analyzes small snippets of audio just prior to the punch in and just following the punch in and overwrites these areas with audio to blend the multi riff seamlessly into the audio. I don't use RB as much as I once did but only because I'm not publishing as many songs as I once was. I've posted a screen shot of a multi riff and you can see how it lists the number of ticks it's added to the multi riff to blend the song. There's no preceding ticks in this example because there's no audio preceding the multi riff.

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