<<<The focus of your post was on the use of BiaB to generate sections of a song and then to progressively insert those sections into RB as the full-length song is being developed.>>>

Yes, exactly. My post didn't mention the 255 bar limit specifically or the erroneous chord change the 240/241 bar boundary in RB because applying the technique described in my post prevents either of those circumstances from happening.

Applying the technique described in my post will fix the issue in your current project and avoid the generation limitations present in both BIAB and RB from occurring and prevents both issues from manifesting in any future projects, regardless of which program you use. In my opinion, if using this technique fixes your current issue and prevents the issue from occurring in all of your future projects, that is an actual solution and all three issues are resolved. You'll need to explain if I'm still misunderstanding.

What I presented to you is not a workaround but a change to the best practices of your workflow and solves these problems. It's the same as reducing the gain on a channel to prevent clipping is not a workaround but a best practice of your workflow that fixes the current clipping issue and your knowledge and application of turning the gain knob down and properly setting the channel gain in future projects prevents clipping from even occurring.

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