Thanks, Silvertones, for sharing your test results on my XML song files. A summary of my test results for the 322 bar file is below. I'm willing to ask one or both of the Fogles to test these files as well if either one or both of them are interested.

1. I reopened the 322 bar file and did see the first track as a mid track (blue) that is labelled as "Cello 43." I also was able to hear the melody and see the progression of "notes." So, I don't know why this didn't happen for you.

2. In my previous test, I didn't have a gap between bars 240-241 with bar 240 being empty when I generated tracks.

3. The chord in bar 241 (per the last chord change at bar 238) that was supposed to be a Dm sounded like a C during playback. Inserting a Dm chord into bar 241 and regenerating tracks removed the C chord sound but left a brief glitch at the boundary of bar 240/241.

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