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1. "if I want to use RB to work on a new song with more than 255 bars...I would prefer to not dive into your workflow recommendations until after I've worked out most or all of those kinks and finished or mostly finished developing my song."
You can't work out kinks in the RB program. Only PGMusic programmers can do that. Anything you or I can do is a workaround. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to work around the 255 bar and excessive length issues in both BIAB and RB.

I'm sorry, but you misunderstood my point. I wasn't referring to the kinks in the RB program. I was referring to the kinks in my song. Such kinks always exist in my songs when I'm writing and developing them, and I'm sure they do in yours, too. (Perhaps "kinks" is the wrong term, but I don't know what other term to use.) Even when I think I've got all the kinks worked out of my songs (after I've figured out all the chords and have played through it enough times to feel confident that they're gone), my producer usually finds a few that I either missed or couldn't see/hear because of deficiencies in my songwriting knowledge and experience. Of course, this is only true for those songs that I've given to him to produce but not true of songs that I haven't given him yet or that I won't be giving him to produce.

But getting back to what I meant by my point, the reason I prefer to bring my entire song into BiaB rather than into RB during the early stages of my songwriting and development process is so that I can quickly generate an suitable arrangement for that song that I can then listen to for any problems or issues that may still exist without me having to play it on my guitar because BiaB's arrangement makes it easier for me to identify potential issues and problems in my songs than when I play them myself and to make "on the fly" changes to those songs in order to address those issues and/or problems (unlike RB). But after all of those problems and/or issues are eliminated, then I would be able to dive into your workflow recommendations for that song---especially if it's a song that I don't plan to take to my producer for him to arrange and produce for me.

Though I had mentioned this in a previous comment, I'll mention it again. If RB took advantage of Windows' multi-threading capabilities for PCs with more than one processor during its track generation process, it would make RB fast enough for me to consider using it instead of BiaB during the early stages of my songwriting/development process. This is especially true of my songs that exceed the 255 bar limit in BiaB. Do you or does anyone else know why RB doesn't multitask it's track generation procedure?

Also, I really like your idea of creating a video to demonstrate your workflow recommendations and would definitely be interested in seeing it if it ever becomes reality. And I fully agree with your comment about the length of this thread being an indication that the need for such a video definitely exists. But the length of this thread is also an indication that my workflow for the early stages of my songwriting process (opening XML files that I exported from MuseScore) is probably quite different from that of most users of BiaB and RB.

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