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I have the fixed version that let's the XML file load properly in RB.There is now, soon, no need to try and work around 255 limit of BIAB. RB now does the whole shooting match. No glitch, no new chords no nothing. Just the song and cxhords.
This issue is solved!

To followup on and repeat what I said to you in my PM, neither BiaB nor RB can handle XML files of a lead sheet that has a repeating section---for example, a verse section that is repeated twice: once for the first verse and once for the second verse. Both programs will simply drop the second verse and treat the lead sheet as if there is only one verse in the song (or two verses if there is a third verse later in the song). I don't know if this issue is in the way MuseScore creates the XML file (perhaps it isn't encoding it properly) or if BiaB/RB aren't interpreting the XML file properly. The reason I haven't brought this issue up before is that it wasn't enough of an issue previously for me to take the time to present it and discuss it here and in the BiaB forum. Besides, I had gotten used to a workaround that I came up with when I first encountered this issue several months ago, which was for me to simply create a separate lead sheet file within MuseScore that didn't have any repeating sections but which had all of the sections exist consecutively in a series. But now that Tech Support is working on the code for RB that opens the XML file, I decided I may as well bring this issue to everyone's attention, too. If necessary and desirable, I can start a new topic with this issue instead of mixing it with the topic of this discussion.

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