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Shadows.. this is the closest thing I have ever heard and it sounds, crisp the mix and production is spot on and....Main guitar is my hand built Alan Brason Strat with Kinman FV pickups. Infills and harmony from my $120 Harley-Benton ST-62 budget Strat.

Well I will say no more than the American strat my misses has promised for my sixtieth birthday next year is cancelled, I'm keeping my 1980 jap strat .

That's how much your playing sound has touched me, honestly keeping the jap.


Oh yes - keep the Jap Strat for sure. This 'budget' axe has no darned right to sound like it does - but it does.
The Shadows were/are my Idols.

Old Guys Rule.The older I get,the better I was!
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