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<<< I'll let all of you know when they get back to me and what they say about all of this. >>>

Please do. It's an intriguing problem.


It's been over three days since I replied to Tech Support's response to the original email I sent them about this issue and asked them to revisit it, but I still haven't heard back from them. How much longer should I wait for them to write me back before I either write them again or give them a call?

I'd send them a gentle reminder email in the morning.

Charlie, I received the following email from Alyssa at Tech Support yesterday. I'll let Silvertones know about it as well.

"Hello Tom,

Thank you for your email. We are creating a bug report for the developers and were hoping you could send over the .SEQ file you were working on so that they have the original file to test out as well. We just want to identify whether this is a program bug or specific to your system and/or song file as we are currently unable to replicate the same experience in house.

Thank you,
PG Music Inc."

In my reply, I sent them a link to a 320 bar .SEQ test file that only has two chords in it---a G chord in bar 238 and a D chord in bar 245---and in which I generated a single acoustic guitar RealTrack. I also informed Alyssa that the erroneous chord change in bar 241 can be heard but not seen, just as the default C chord in bar one can be heard but not seen. Here's the same link in case you or anyone else wants to check it out for themselves:


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