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Thanks to you and everyone else (including Tech Support) for all the time and effort that was put forth to get these bugs fixed!

And thanks to you too for sticking with this and posting such detailed explanations of what you were trying to do. I didn't understand at first exactly what was happening but you got-r-done man.


You're welcome, Bob! It was an interesting and fun ride, that's for sure. And thanks for suggesting that I try using RB for my songs that exceed the 255 bar limit in BiaB. Despite the extra time it takes in RB to generate tracks than it does in BiaB, it's good to know that this option exists for my occasional songs that are too long for BiaB and for my shorter songs as well.

I do have one question for you. I noticed that the word "Resolved" is added to the titles of certain threads when the issues discussed in those threads have been addressed. Should this be done to the title of this thread? If so, how is that done?

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