Hi forum friends. Kind of a typical goofy, romantic love song. For 5 years or more in the early 90's, I listened all the time to Michael Franks. I just loved his mellow, sweet, romantic songs. That type of music has always stuck with me, despite all the cynical, sarcastic, and depressing stuff I frequently write (still love that stuff too!). I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Take care all. Greg


The lights on the hill
The music from not so far away
But far enough still
Not to get in the way

The tropical breeze
That comes at the perfect moments
And tickles the trees
Oh, it seems heaven sent

I'm here with you in this cherished moment
No future and no past
Is there a way to make the moment last?

That first taste of rum
That hint of a smile reminds me
Of pleasures to come
In the night that will be

But this warm afternoon
I hope this sublime perfection
Won't end to soon
For time, it goes just one direction

I'm here with you...

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